The Ghost Stories of E F Benson, read by Richard Crowest

The author fervently wishes his listeners a few uncomfortable moments...

An occasional series of readings of ghost stories by the writer of the Mapp and Lucia novels.

Live reading at E F Benson’s Home, Lamb House!

Spook stories at Lamb House

An evening of classic ghost stories, read by Richard Crowest and Clare Holman.

Sunday 30 October 2016, 6pm

Tickets £14 from Grammar School Records, High Street, Rye (01797 222752). Proceeds to Lamb House.

You can download or listen to individual stories on this page, or subscribe to the podcasts using the links below.

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  1. Naboth's Vineyard – Something has come in to the house. Come in out of the rain...  Listen to Naboth's Vineyard
  2. “And the Dead Spake…” – “Surely this is the strangest manner of song ever yet heard on the earth, this melody from the brain of the dead…”  Listen to 'And the Dead Spake...'
  3. The Cat – It is not only the dead who haunt the living.  Listen to The Cat
  4. The Man Who Went Too Far – “I can't go back now. I wouldn't if I could; not a step would I retrace…”  Listen to The Man Who Went Too Far
  5. Negotium Perambulans (live) – Recorded in front of an audience at E F Benson’s home, Lamb House in Rye.  Listen to the live recording of Negotium Perambulans
  6. Negotium Perambulans – “One of the things invisible, of the dark powers, leaped into light, and I saw it with my eyes…”  Listen to Negotium Perambulans
  7. The Other Bed – “I knew I was not alone in the room. There was something there, something silent as yet, and as yet invisible. But it was there.”  Listen to The Other Bed
  8. Caterpillars – “I think that before I opened the pill-box I expected something of the sort which I found in it.”  Listen to Caterpillars
  9. The Face – “A dream hasn’t anything real about it, has it? It doesn’t mean anything?”  Listen to The Face
  10. At the Farmhouse – “The thing seemed scarcely human at all; it was a monster from which he had delivered himself…”  Listen to At the Farmhouse
  11. Between the Lights – “In the paralysis of that fear I tried to scream, but not a sound could I utter.”  Listen to Between the Lights
  12. The Room in the Tower – “Jack will show you your room. I have given you… the room in the tower…”  Listen to The Room in the Tower
  13. Monkeys – “A-pen-ara curses any who desecrates or meddles with her bones…”  Listen to Monkeys

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